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Cookware Use and Care

Before first use

  • Remove all labels and tags.
  • Wash in hot soapy water to remove manufacturing oils.
  • Rinse and dry thoroughly.
  • Seasoning is recommended for stainless steel cookware that is used to saute and grill.  To season, spread a small amount of vegetable oil on the surface, heat for a few minutes and allow to cool.

Use & Care

  • For best results, always use medium to medium high heat.  Cooking in high heat may result in uneven cooking or cause discoloration of the cookware.  
  • When cooking over a gas burner, the flame should only touch the bottom of the cookware. Flame should not come up to the side of the pan, which may cause discoloration on the side of the pan.  
  • Cooking foods high in starch may leave blue or gray stains on stainless steel pots & pans.  Stains can be removed by using a stainless steel cleaner (follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use).
  • Salt crystals may leave white spots on a stainless steel surface.  Always add food or water to the cookware before salt.  Do not store foods seasoned with salt in the cookware.  
  • If stain deposits are apparent, use some warm vinegar or stainless steel cleaner to remove them.
  • Use baking soda and warm water to remove burnt food.
  • Avoid sudden temperature changes.  Do not put hot cookware in cold water.  Allow cookware to cool down on a heat-resistant surface.  
  • Never cut foods directly in the pan.
  • Wash in hot soapy water after each use.  Rinse and dry thoroughly.
  • Store cookware in a cookware rack.